Sermon Quotes: "Honor the Emperor"

“They carry another passport; they are on pilgrimage to the city of God.” Edmund Clowney

“Good deeds, even though they may be misrepresented and defamed for the moment, are still the best answer to the opposition of a hostile world.” Robert Mounce

“A Christian’s obligation to obey the law does not depend upon the moral virtue of the leader.” Robert Mounce

“The first command is striking in light of the biblical picture of mankind as sinners. But sinners have been made in the image of God. And sinners are still the object of God’s love. And God has sent his Son to die as a substitute for sinners. So they should have respect for all men and women as those in whom the image of God has been defiled by sin but still present. Their dignity as human beings should be respected.” Edmond Hiebert

“We are only free because Christ has made us so, and at great cost.” Derek Cleave