Sermon Quotes: "God's Surprise"

“Even though Peter has been taught personally by Jesus, has received the Spirit, has powerfully preached the gospel, and has performed miraculous signs in the name of Jesus, taking this next step in the kingdom challenges him to the core of his being. To be Jewish meant to follow strictly the code of what to eat and what to avoid. An entire chapter of Leviticus spells these things out in detail (Leviticus 11). It has not occurred to Peter that following Jesus would mean a new way of looking at virtually everything he holds dear. As a boy, Peter would have heard the OT story of the exodus, sung the Psalms, and attended synagogue constantly. Only food authorized by the law ever touched his lips. Now the same God who set those rules tells him to eat everything. The reason for the reversal amounts to a radical change in the way God relates to his people. The old ways served their purpose, but everything they pointed to has been fulfilled.” Brian Vickers

“No preacher today could ask for a more attentive audience.” John Stott

“The sermon is prefaced by the words ‘opening his mouth, Peter said’. This was one way to introduce a weighty utterance. And in Luke’s eyes what Peter was about to say was indeed momentous in sweeping away centuries of racial prejudice.” Richard Longenecker

“The emphasis is that Cornelius’ Gentile nationality was acceptable so that he had no need to become a Jew, not that his own righteousness was adequate so that he had no need to become a Christian.” John Stott