Sermon Quotes: "From Bad To Worse"

“The promise of the exodus was starting to come true.  The children of Israel were beginning to worship the God of their salvation.” Phillip Ryken

“The exodus was God’s way of giving Pharaoh an education in theology, especially in the doctrine of God…By his own admission, Pharaoh was an unbeliever.” Phillip Ryken

“[God’s] ultimate plan was to lead Israel out of Egypt altogether, but he began by giving his rival a simple opportunity to submit to his divine authority. Was Pharaoh willing to let Israel serve God for even three days or not?” Phillip Ryken

"The remedy proposed by the king was predictable: if work was the way to keepthe Israelites quiet and obedient (a method that had worked for decades) more work was the way to restore quiet and obedience.” Douglas Stuart

“What has appeared to Moses and the Israelites as a serious deterioration of an already bad situation has been instead a careful preparation for what is to come.” John Durham

“If you think that one week of “shock and awe” combat will win this war of redemption, you’re bound to be disappointed.  IF you’re looking for some magic, an easy answer, a one-and-done solution, then you’ll never really understand the nature of the honest fight.  And if you promise easy, once-for-all victories to others, then you'll never be much help to other strugglers…God works step-by-step.  He walks with you.  He’s always interested in how you take your very next step.  Walking with him feels right.  You’re going somewhere.  The day of “completion” will not arrive until the day when Jesus Christ arrives (Phil. 1.6).  When we see him, then we will be like him (1 John 3.2).  Only when God lives visibly in our midst will all tears be past (Rev. 21:3-4).  Someday, not today, everything being renewed will be entirely new (Rev. 21:5). Much of the failure to right well, befriend well, pastor well, and counsel well arises because we don’t really understand and work well with this long truth.” David Powlison