Sermon Quotes: "Dark Days"

“God moves in a mysterious way His wonders to perform.” William Cowper

“What the book of Ruth does for us is give us a glimpse into the hidden work of God during the worst of times. One of the main messages of this little book is that God is at work in the worst of times. He is at work doing a thousand things no one can see but him…When you think he is farthest from you, or has even turned against you, the truth is that as you cling to him, he is laying foundation stones of greater happiness in your life…Seeing a precious gift. And bitterness is a powerful blindness. What would Naomi say if she could see only a fraction of the thousands of things God was doing in the bitter providences of her life?” John Piper

“A gracious heart, spies mercy in every condition.” Thomas Watson

“Who would have imagined that in the worst of all times-the period of the judges-God was quietly moving in the tragedies of a single family to prepare the way for the greatest king of Israel?” John Piper