Sermon Quotes: "Cries from the Cross | Part 2"

“. . . his identity contracted to the point where the whole truth about him was that he was the sin of the world. He was carrying it, heaven held him answerable for it, and he was it. It was here, all of it, in his body (1 Pet. 2:24), being condemned in his flesh (Rom. 8:3); because of it he was a doomed and ruined man, korban, devoted to destruction. God’s pure eyes could not look on him, nor heaven entertain his cry.” Donald Macleod

“Normal relations have been restored between the Father and the Son. No longer does God present himself merely as ‘El,’ the eternal power and god-ness who finds sin repellent and cannot even acknowledge the cries of his sin-bearing Son. Now, once again, he is ‘Abba,” who loves him and is well, well pleased. The darkness is past, and the favour of his righteous Father shines once again and gives him peace. The spirit of Jesus is honoured to be welcomed into such hands, and the hands are honoured to receive such a precious spirit. The battle is over, the victory won, and Jesus dies calm, serene, and triumphant.” Donald Macleod

“Only when the needs of others had been addressed did Jesus think of his own situation.” Murray J. Harris