Sermon Quotes: "Back to Twelve"

“Prayer is the open admission that without Christ we can do nothing.” John Piper

“The forty days which Jesus spent on earth after His resurrection constitute an important part of His life and teaching. We usually do not pay enough attention to this. But the moment we attentively survey what Jesus said and did during those forty days, we detect that these shed an entirely new light on His person and His work. Naturally we do not have as profound a sense of this as the apostles had, for we live after them and have the benefit of their instruction, but the disciples who had gone about with Jesus and had lost all hope at the time of His death became very different people in those forty days, and learned to understand Jesus person and work as they had been unable to understand it before.” Herman Bavinck

“An apostle was not an ecclesiastical functionary, nor just any recipient of the apostolic faith, nor ever a bearer of the apostolic message; he was a guarantor of the gospel tradition because he had been a companion of the earthly Jesus and a witness to the reality of his resurrection because the risen Lord had encountered him.” Richard Longenecker

“The method involved writing the names of the two men on pieces of stone or wood and placing them in a garment or container, shaking it, and, without looking, drawing out one of them. The process was deemed to have the imprimatur of God upon it.” Derek Thomas

“It is striking that at almost every important turning point in the narrative of God’s redemptive action in Acts we find the mention of prayer.” David Peterson

“Luke is interested in the event simply as a judgment…The image is vivid and graphic, intended not only to describe but also to leave an emotive impression on readers to prevent their following Judas negative example of unfaithfulness and betrayal.” Darrell Bock

“The dominant feature of the passage is that the sovereign plan of God has not been derailed by this most wicked of actions-a betrayal from among the ranks of Jesus own circle. Far from discrediting the ministry of Jesus, this betrayal was anticipated.” Alan Thompson