Sermon Quotes: "Amnesia and Deja Vu"

“Paul calls attention to the unstoppable, spreading, disastrous influence on the nature and identity of the whole community which is out of all proportion to what those who were self-satisfied evidently imagined could spring from a “little” case of one immoral relationship, even if one of an utterly outrageous nature. Paul feared contamination of the whole community.” Anthony Thiselton

“Notice how Paul couples the imperative to the indicative: Remove the old leaven so that you can start over as unleavened bread, because that is what you are. The imperative to cleanse out the old leaven is predicated on the indicative: they are unleavened. They are to be what they are. They are to live like Christians because they have been converted by the gospel.” David Garland

“The world is waiting to see such a church, a church which takes sin seriously, which enjoys forgiveness fully, which in its time of gathering together combines joyful celebration with an awesome sense of God’s immediacy and authority.” David Prior

“Be killing sin or it will be killing you.” John Owen

“There are few things more important in the Christian life than learning to overcome sin.” Sinclair Ferguson

“Is there a sin that you have decided to tolerate? Are you nursing a private grudge or indulging a secret lust? Is there something you have decided that it is all right for you to take, even though it doesn’t actually belong to you? Do you think that worry and impatience are not really sins but just bad habits? Is there some area of your personal life where you have decided it is okay to be undisciplined? Perhaps you think that it is only a small sin. If that is what you are doing, then you are in great spiritual danger because sin is like yeast: Once it gets into your life, it will keep growing and spreading until it corrupts everything.” Phil Ryken