Sermon Quotes: "A Savior Like No Other"

“How did ancient slavery differ from modern slavery? Or more specifically, what distinguished Greco-Roman slavery from New World slavery? In the first century, slaves were not distinguishable from free persons by race, by speech, by clothing; they were sometimes more highly educated than their owners and held responsible professional positions; some persons sold themselves into slavery for economic social advantage; they could reasonably hope to be emancipated after ten to twenty years of service or by their thirties at the latest; they were not denied the right of public assembly and were not socially segregated; they could accumulate savings to buy their freedom; their natural inferiority was not assumed.” Murray Harris

“It is an approbation that the most menial Christian servant can evoke.” Edmond Hiebert

“Believers were not called to social prominence based on religious achievement but to bearing up under undeserved suffering.” Robert Mounce

“His footsteps lead into the valley of humiliation, even to its lowest and darkest depths.” Edmond Hiebert