Sermon Quotes: "A Love That Surpasses Knowledge"

“Oh, for a higher experience [of knowing the love of Christ]!…It is one thing to hear the outward sound of love, it is another thing to feel an inward sense of it. It is pleasant to hear the rippling of the brook; but if you are dying of thirst that silver music will not refresh you if you are unable to drink of the stream. Come, Holy Spirit, come! We beseech thee, take of the things of Christ, and glorify him by revealing them to our inmost souls!” (Charles Spurgeon)
"O the deep, deep love of Jesus
Vast unmeasured, boundless, free
Rolling as a mighty ocean in its fullness over me."
(Samuel Trevor Francis)
“It is a blessed privilege to know Christ doctrinally, but it is only the beginning, the stepping-stone to something better, to intimacy with our Lord.” (Charles Spurgeon)
“If a man would know the love of Christ, he should endeavor to study the Word of God with care, attention, constancy, and with dependance upon the Spirit’s illumination…Where saints are fed upon the finest manna of Gospel doctrine, they will, all other things being equal, become the strongest and most valiant believers on the face of the earth.” (Charles Spurgeon)
“There is nothing more deadening to the divine than the habitual handling of the outsides of holy things.” (George McDonald)