Sermon Quotes: "A Beautiful Wife"

“She served her husband as her master, and did all she could to win him for You, speaking to him of You by her conduct, by which You made her beautiful…Finally, when her husband was at the end of his earthly span, she gained him for You.” Augustine

“Biblical submission is the divine calling of the wife to honor and affirm her husband’s leadership under Christ and to help him carry it through according to her gifts.” John Piper

“In matters of the heart, it is right that men should lead and women should welcome and guide that leadership. She is his helpmate (Gen. 2:18). Her goal is to give her man all the help he needs to lead well…The guidance that she provides comes mainly in two forms: helping him to think clearly and in encouraging him to act confidently.” John Ensor

“The silent eloquence of his wife’s pure and reverent behavior can preach daily the transforming power of Jesus Christ.” Edmund Clowney

“A gentle woman is a woman of remarkable strength and tenacity, because she does not attack back when someone sins against her. Rather, she waits on God. Knowing that God is just, she can suffer without bitterness. To be quiet doesn’t mean not to speak-although sometimes that might be a good idea-but it is ‘the sense of being calm, peaceful, and tranquil as opposed to restless, rebellious, disturbed or insubordinate.” Carolyn Mahaney and Nicole Whitacre

“Here’s where it gets amazing: The more we trust God, the more attractive we become. A gentle and quiet spirit adorns the whole woman, making her beautiful from the inside out. Her lack of anxiety, restlessness, and neediness, her carefree confidence in God’s goodness makes her more lovely as the years go by. It is a beauty so profound, it can even attract unbelieving husbands to the gospel; they can be ‘won without a word’ by the beauty of a wife’s godly character.” Carolyn Mahaney and Nicole Whitacre