Sermon Quotes: "A Good and Pleasant Experience"

“Behold.” It is a wonder seldom seen, therefore behold it! It may be seen, for it is characteristic of real saints, therefore fail not to inspect it! It is well worthy of admiration; pause and gaze upon it! It will charm you into imitation, therefore note it well! God looks on with approval, therefore consider it with attention.” Charles Spurgeon

“There blessing falls by Yahweh’s command…Not that eternal life is earned by unity, but that Yahweh shares his sort of life with those who cherish unity…This is a perpetual certainty.” Alec Motyer

“When this was true, it was one of the most cherished blessings from God. It still is.” Allen Ross

“In short, true unity, like all good gifts, is from above, bestowed rather than contrived, a blessing far more than an achievement.” Derek Kidner