Sermon Quotes: "Behold Him There"

“In this state of exaltation Christ continues the work which He began on the earth. There is a great difference between the work which Christ achieved in His humiliation and that which He accomplishes in His exaltation…He did not at His ascension enter upon an unproductive rest but instead now applies the fulness of His achieved salvation to His church.” Herman Bavinck

“He did not leave them houses and lands, but He left them His blessing.” Thomas Watson

“We see here how we are to think properly of our Ascended Lord. He lives to bless His Church.” Derek Prime

“As hard as it was to fathom, they came to believe that Jesus absence from them was of more benefit than His bodily presence with them, the reason being where He was going and what He was about to undertake.” R.C. Sproul

“As hard as it is to imagine, the condition we enjoy right now on this side of the atonement, on this side of the resurrection, this side of the ascension, and this side of Pentecost is, redemptively speaking, a greater situation than that which the disciples enjoyed during their three-year tenure in the presence of the Lord Jesus.” R.C. Sproul

“No heart can conceive, much less any tongue express, the glorious reception of the human nature of Christ in heaven.” John Owen