Sermon Quotes: "Kill the Dragon, Get the Girl"

12.19.21 fb

“Who doesn’t love a good dragon-slaying story? There is a reason that classic literature features such stories-we love them! But why?

We love good dragon-slaying stories because they echo the greatest story-the grand story of the Bible. Stories that parallel the greatest story make our hearts soar with delight. Those stories are often fiction, such as Tolkien’s The Lord of the Rings. Epic stories resonate deeply with us because they echo the greatest story. And the greatest story is true. 

A pithy way to summarize the Bible’s storyline is ‘Kill the dragon, get the girl!’ The storyline features three main characters:

  1. The serpent (the villain-Satan)
  2. A damsel in distress (the people of God)
  3. The serpent slayer (the protagonist and hero-Jesus)

That story never gets old.” - Andy Naselli

“This is not some form of mistaken ancient cosmology demonstrating that the biblical authors were woefully ignorant of scientific facts. Rather, this is part of apocalyptic metaphor that derives from Hebrew poetry in which all of nature gets involved in everything. When things go well, the hills dance and the trees clap their hands. When things are bad the stars fall from the sky, and nature falls into disarray. This is exactly what happens here. Satan is about to attempt something that is utterly catastrophic, so his tail swings around and a third of the universe collapses.” - D.A. Carson

“The important facts in this summary are the nativity and the ascension: the point at which the Son himself first came within the dragon’s grasp, and the point at which he finally escaped it forever.” - Michael Wilcock

“The destructive efforts of the dragon culminated in the cross, the very point where it appeared that he had succeeded in his evil plans. Yet something surprising happened next. Rather than being destroyed by the dragon’s attack, the child was caught up to God and to His throne.” - Greg Beale

“How should you feel when you think about what Jesus the serpent slayer has already done to the dragon, and about what the serpent slayer will finally do to the dragon? You should feel elated! You should fall on your knees to worship the ultimate knight in shining armor, the ultimate dragon slayer. It’s epic when the good guys courageously defeat Sauron or Voldemort. But that’s just a shadow compared with the greatest defeat of all time. Jesus slays the dragon!If that doesn’t make you rejoice, what will? Exult in the serpent slayer.” - Andy Naselli