Sermon Quotes: "A Rescue Mission"

“We cannot but be struck by the fact that James speaks of the concerned believer as ‘bringing back’, ‘saving’ and ‘covering’ the sins of the one in error. Surely these are things only God can do? Only God forgives sins, saves us from them and gives us the gift of repentance by which we return from our personal far country. How can we do these things? The answer is we cannot, but we must act as if we could. The words express the measure of the concern and effort we are called to expend in our spiritual concern for those in spiritual need. Though we cannot convert them we must labor to do so. Though we cannot save them from death, we must strive for their spiritual welfare as if their eternal destiny rested with us.” Alec Motyer

“To be a part of saving one from spiritual death is the greatest thing one human can ever do for another.” Kent Hughes

“I pray the Lord to give you a gentle and loving spirit towards all men, and a practical conviction that grace alone has made you to differ. It is easy to acknowledge this in words, but it is a great thing to act suitably to such an acknowledgement.” John Newton

“Evil tastes good, but evil always leads to nausea and vomiting.” Christopher Ash

“The glory of the gospel is that the One from whom we need to be saved is the very One who saves us.” R.C. Sproul

“I hope you don’t underestimate the forgiveness of sins. For many years I did. I had gotten the impression that forgiveness of sins was rather preliminary. The forgiveness of sinners-providing reconciliation with God and man and man with God-is the most exciting thing of which the Bible speaks, and we never get beyond it.” Dick Lucas

“I did really think when God forgave me that I was the most extraordinary instance of his sovereign love that ever lived, and that I should be bound in heaven itself to tell others how God’s infinite mercy had pardoned in my case the biggest sinner that was ever forgiven.” Charles Spurgeon