Sermon Quotes: "Theology From A Thunderstorm"

“I recall one day when I was in college, Clyde Kilby, my favorite English teacher, said something to this effect: ‘One of the greatest tragedies of the fall is that we get tired of familiar glories.’ That simple statement sank deep into my consciousness. It made me very sad, because I saw how superficial and unresponsive I was to so many wonders around me. It filled me with a longing not to be like that…The fall has left us deeply dysfunctional emotionally. We are excited by trivia and bored by grandeur.” John Piper

“Not what we were hoping for; truth be told, a bit disappointing. And why so? Oh, maybe we were hoping for more of a pain-reliever, or reading of some distressing experience of the psalmist that we could enter into. But here in Psalm 29 there seems to be nothing but God-and God wreaking havoc and scaring His world to death. The psalm is not about us but God-and that, sadly, tends to cool our interest.” Dale Ralph Davis

“We ask them to add their deafening adoration to our often meagre efforts.” Dale Ralph Davis

“The Bible uses glory with reference to God in a double connection. On the one hand, it speaks of the glory that belongs to God-the divine splendor and majesty attached to all God’s revelations of himself. On the other hand, it speaks of the glory that is given to God-the honor and blessing, praise and worship that God has a right to receive, the only fit response to his holy presence.” J.I. Packer

“It is best simply to let the wonder and awesomeness of this psalm sweep and swirl around us until we are so possessed in spirit by the majesty of the Lord that we too cry Glory (v9)…To many a storm is a storm, but to those to whom the Lord has revealed himself, it is a display of one aspect of his glory.” New Bible Commentary

“I often used to sit and view the moon for a long time; and in the day, spent much time in viewing the clouds and the sky, to behold the sweet glory of God in these things; in the mean time, singing forth, with a low voice, the contemplations of the Creator and Redeemer. And scarce any thing, among all the works of nature, was so sweet to me as thunder and lightning; formerly nothing had been so terrible to me. Before, I would be terrified with thunder, and to be struck with terror when I saw a thunderstorm rising; but now, on the contrary, it rejoiced me. I felt God, if I may so speak, at the first appearance of a thunderstorm; and used to take the opportunity, at such times, to fix myself in order to view the clouds and see the lightnings play, and hear the majestic and awful voice of God’s thunder, which oftentimes was exceedingly entertaining, leading me to sweet contemplations of my great and glorious God. While thus engaged, it always seemed natural to me to sing or chant forth my meditations; or, to speak my thoughts in soliloquies with a singing voice.” Jonathan Edwards

“We may ignore, but we can nowhere evade the presence of God. The world is crowded with Him. He walks everywhere incognito.” C.S. Lewis

“The subject of the psalm is the demonstration of God’s glory in nature, but its impact is the opposite. It gives a sense of tranquility and awe. Yahweh, our God, is powerful in his glory. He can and does protect his people…There is quietness within the storm for those who belong to the people of God…That is cause for singing on earth, as in heaven.” Willem VanGemeren

“And the Word became flesh and dwelt among us, and we have seen His glory as of the only Son from the Father, full of grace and truth.” John 1:14

“Christ’s glory is gospel-glory because it is saving glory; his glory is his primarily because he is Savior.” Richard Gaffin