Sermon Quotes: "A Sobering Surprise"

“He speaks to the non-Christian for the benefit of the Christian.” Craig Blomberg

“James looks with divine foresight and sees the dark hurricane cloud of the Day of the Lord about to strike them down.” Peter Davids

“The rich will lose everything they have devoted themselves to and everything they have relied upon. Theirs will be the despair of people who discover their dreams and treasures destroyed forever.” George Stulac

“James has regard to the faithful that they, hearing of the miserable end of the rich, might not envy their fortune, and also knowing that God would be the avenger of the wrong they suffered, they might with calm and resigned mind bear them.” John Calvin

“By facing a clear cut case of those who have their wealth at their disposal, James teaches all of us in respect of whatever resources, however small, God has entrusted to us. By exposing such glaring abuses, he teaches us how we ought to use our wealth as an adjunct to a humble walk with God. He shows us the pits, so that we might not fall into them.” Alec Motyer

“It is in fact surely impossible to read the words ‘killed the righteous man; he does not resist’, without the lone and wonderful figure of the Lord Jesus coming before the eyes of the mind. He is pre-eminently the Righteous One-his response of non-resistance is at one and the same time the most demanding example and the sweetest consolation in the time of oppression.” Alec Motyer