Sermon Quotes: "He Gives More Grace"

“There is more mercy in Christ than sin in us.” Richard Sibbes

“James personifies the church as the bride of Christ. At best she has become distracted from and at worst unfaithful to her groom. The audience has the wrong object for a lover--the fallen world system and values of the unregenerate.” Craig Blomberg

“The intention to be a friend of the world makes a person an enemy of God because it puts the world in place of God, it submits to the world’s ethics and values instead of God’s, desires the things of the world instead of God, and exalts the creature over the creator.” Dan McCartney

“What comfort there is in this verse! His resources are never at an end, his patience is never exhausted, his initiative never stops, his generosity knows no limit: he gives more grace.” Alec Motyer

“The benefits of grace and more grace are ours along the road of obedience and more obedience. The God who says ‘Here is my grace to receive’ says in the same breath, ‘Here are my commands to obey.’ James does not see the indwelling Spirit (5b) as a means of instant and effortless sanctification. The Bible not only tells us what is true but also how to respond to what is true.” Alec Motyer

“It is the outright intention to be the world’s friend that makes a person God’s enemy. Nevertheless, intentionality often begins with a wish, and even wishing to be friends with the world is as dangerous and stupid as a married person wishing to flirt with someone other than his or her spouse.” Dan McCartney