Sermon Quotes: "Partnership in the Gospel"

But here in Philippians our text has at its heart a depth of fellowship that exceeds any earthly fellowship-‘your partnership [fellowship] in the gospel’ (v5)-which is rooted in God and is a quest that can only be described as eternal.” Kent Hughes

“Paul rarely thanks God for things, his thanksgivings are for people. For those special ‘gifts’ whom God has brought into his life, who, despite whatever frustration or grief they may also cause him, are invariably a source of great joy and thanksgiving.” Gordon Fee

“The heart of true fellowship is self-sacrificing conformity to a shared vision. Christian fellowship, then, is self-sacrificing conformity to the gospel. There may be overtones of warmth and intimacy, but the heart of the matter is this shared vision of what is of transcendent importance, a vision that calls forth our commitment.” D.A. Carson

“It is important to appreciate the breadth of the Philippians involvement in this partnership in the gospel.” Walter Hansen

“Being a Christian means entering into a partnership with others, to share in the work of Christ. There is, ordinarily, no such thing as an isolated Christian.” Sinclair Ferguson

“In this season, we have a priority that far exceeds any money we raise. Our prayer is not simply that this would be a “season of giving.” We pray it will be a “season of grace.” As pastors, we’re not just praying that people would give money. We’re praying that we would experience fresh expressions of the grace of God revealed in Christ. Fresh illumination of what God is and what He has done for us in Christ. A deeper grasp of God’s love revealed in Christ. A greater amazement of God’s mercy to sinners like us. A greater awareness of God’s presence with us, to cheer and sustain us. And as a result, that we would all give ourselves afresh, beyond any other priority or activity or aspiration or allegiance-to the Lord Jesus Christ.” Jeff Purswell

“In the first place, he…began a good work in you. It means ‘to inaugurate’, and the tense employed points to a decisive and deliberate act. Here was something planned and executed to perfection…Salvation would be a wretchedly unsure thing if it had no other foundation than my having chosen Christ.” Alec Motyer