Sermon Quotes: "The Tongue and Turmoil"

“Our tongue is only the tip of the iniquity iceberg. The proof that all humans are inescapably flawed is right between our teeth.” Douglas O’ Donnell

“Teachers are more susceptible to judgment than others because they regularly engage in that activity which is the hardest to keep from sin-one’s speech.” Doug Moo

“We ask ourselves how we are to control the powerful forces within us that drive us into sin, and James replies by talking about something we never considered-do we control our tongues? There are pressures of adversity and the pressures of prosperity, there are sudden and unexpected shocks-the blows which life administers to us. Can we hold our course? James marine illustration is not at all wide of the mark as a description of life with its tides, currents and storms. Once again, there is a rudder to hold the ship on course, and the tongue is that rudder. This teaching strikes us as so unexpected. But should this surprise us quite so much? The control of the tongue is more than an evidence of spiritual maturity, it is the means to it.” Alec Motyer

“No other member of the body, perhaps, wreaks so much havoc on the godly life.” Doug Moo

“We can commit murder with the tongue as well as with the hand.” Charles Spurgeon

“The implication is that a true Christian will not make a practice of unchristian speech and the practice of unchristian speech is evidence the speaker is not a Christian.” George Stulac

“Paul points out that when you realize what the Law is truly saying to you the result is that ‘every mouth shall be stopped.’ You are rendered speechless. You are not a Christian unless you have been made speechless! How do you know whether you are a Christian or not? It is that you ‘stop talking.’ The trouble with the non-Christian is that he goes on talking. How do you know whether a man is a Christian? The answer is his mouth is ‘shut.’ I like the forthrightness of the Gospel. People need to have their mouths shut. You do not begin to be a Christian until your mouth is shut, is stopped, and you are speechless and have nothing to say.” Martyn Lloyd Jones