Sermon Quotes: "Cheerful Generosity"

“Paul never wants us to do something without theological reason and Paul never wants us to hold a theology without practical application.” C.K. Barrett

“With what zest he broke the tough-fibered prairie sod, which had never been broken since the beginning of time…And with what reverence he held up the beautiful seed which he was to sow on his own ground. The plump kernels appeared to glow with some inner golden light as the warm rays of the sun struck full across them, and they seemed to be squirming in the hand that grasped them as if they were charged with a life, suddenly aroused from slumber, that was seeking release there.” O.E. Rolvaag

“Those who are disinclined to be generous when they are poor are not likely to become suddenly generous when they are rich.” David Garland

“God’s extra provision is usually not intended to raise our standard of living, but to raise our standard of giving.” Randy Alcorn

“Whenever we start to get comfortable with our level of giving, it is time to raise it again.” Randy Alcorn

“It implies a story that is beyond all telling, a story that again and again calls forth amazement, wonder and praise…It involves the self-giving of Christ, the wonder of his taking upon himself our poverty, sin and guilt: the wonder in which he has made us rich… The story of God’s gift of himself for our salvation cannot finally be told in full. It is unspeakably wonderful. Yet precisely because it is unspeakably wonderful, it must be spoken and retold again and again. If we could narrate it and tell it in full, we would cease speaking it. But it can never be exhausted, never fully explored, never fully explained or defined. It is to issue ever afresh in thanksgiving, praise, song- and giving, not only with the Corinthians, but also with us.” Mark Seifrid