Sermon Quotes: "A Fear To Be Desired"

“Human language is necessarily imperfect. Since man’s fall, and especially since the confusion of tongues at Babel, there has not only been a difference in speech between one nation and another, but also between one individual and another. Probably, we do not all mean exactly the same thing by any one word that we use; there is just a shade of difference between your meaning and mine. The confusion of tongues went much further than we sometimes realize. And so completely did it confuse our language that we do not, on all occasion, mean quite the same thing to ourselves even when we use the same word. Hence, ‘fear’ is a word which has a very wide range of meaning. There is a kind of fear to be shunned and avoided-that fear which perfect love casts out-because it has torment. But there is another sort of fear which has in it the very essence of love and without which there would be no joy even in the presence of God. Instead of perfect love casting out this fear, perfect love nourishes and cherishes it and…derives strength from it.” Charles Spurgeon

“When the Lord spoke to these people with the voice of trumpet and thunder, he did not speak in anger after all, but in love, for his first words set the key-note. Here they are: ‘I am the Lord thy God, which have brought thee out of the land of Egypt, out of the house of bondage.’ What gracious words! What happy memories they arouse! What lovingkindness they record!” Charles Spurgeon

“True fear of God almost defies definition, because it is really a synonym for the heartfelt worship of God for who and what He is. It is at one and the same time (1) a consciousness of being in the presence of True Greatness and Majesty; (2) a thrilling sense of privilege; (3) an overflow of respect and admiration; and perhaps supremely, (4) a sense that His opinion about my life is the only thing that matters. To someone who fears God, His fatherly approval means everything, and the loss of it is the greatest of all griefs. To fear God is to have a heart that is sensitive to both His God-ness and His graciousness.” Sinclair Ferguson

“Holy fear leads us to dread anything which might cause our Father’s displeasure.” Charles Spurgeon

“Out of this realized need, one of the greatest revelations in the long line of OT promises of the Messiah came.” Walter Kaiser

“God’s goodness often fills us with amazement, and amazement has an element of fear. We are astonished at the Lord’s gracious dealings with us, and we say to him, ‘Why hast thou been so good to me, for many years, and in such a multitude of forms? Why hast thou manifested so much mercy and tenderness toward me? Though has treated me as if I had never grieved or offended thee…I fear, because of thy goodness.” Charles Spurgeon