Sermon Quotes: "What Is Your One Thing"

“The spiritual reality for many of us is that the one thing is not the Lord. And the danger in that reality is this: your one thing will control your heart, and whatever controls your heart will exercise inescapable influence over your words, choices and actions. Your one thing will become that which shapes and directs your responses to the situations and relationships of your daily life. If the Lord isn’t your one thing, the thing that is your one thing will be your functional lord.” Paul Tripp

“We were in a foreign land, in bondage, under the sentence of death. But our mediator-the one who stands between us and God-came to us with the promise of deliverance. We trusted in the promises of God, took shelter under the blood of the lamb, and he led us out. Now we are on the way to the Promised Land. Now think about it. A Christian today could say the same thing almost word for word.” Alec Motyer

“The law was given after the Lord had redeemed his people from Egypt, and hence their obedience was a response of love to the grace of God. The Mosaic covenant itself does not represent a different way of salvation…There is one way of salvation in both Testaments: faith in the God who promises to save his people.” Thomas Schreiner

“They worshipped the gods of fields, rivers, light, darkness, sun and storm. Swearing their allegiance to the god and goddesses of love and war they bowed down to worship idols in the form of men and beasts. The Israelites worshipped these gods as well. Over the long centuries of captivity they had conformed to the Egyptian culture and practice. So in the first commandment the Lord took his stand against the gods of Egypt and every other false deity-past, present, and future. This command was without precedent.” Phil Ryken

“The cross is all Moses and Elijah want to talk about…The cross was what all heaven was talking about.” Donald Macleod

You see, in every situation and relationship in your everyday life, there is a one-thing war being fought on the turf of your heart. You and I are safe only when the Lord really is the one thing that commands our hearts and controls our actions. Yet there are many things that compete with him as the one thing your heart craves.” Paul Tripp