Sermon Quotes: "A Reunion in the Wilderness"

“In some ways, the account is surprising. Major administrative structures are being put into place among the covenant community without any word from God. Why is Jethro, at best on the fringes of the covenant people, allowed to play such an extraordinary role as counselor and confidant of Moses? The questions answer themselves. God may use the means of ‘common grace’ to instruct and enrich his people. The sovereign goodness and provision of God are displayed as much in bringing Jethro on the scene at this propitious moment as in the parting of the waters of the Red Sea.” D.A. Carson

“The defeat of a superpower and its gods, including the great Pharaoh of Egypt, was simply too great and inexplicable a victory other than by the involvement of a powerful supernatural being, the God Yahweh who had told Moses in advance that he would do just that. As a result, Yahweh became for Jethro at that moment the supreme God, ‘greater than all gods”—the only supernatural being that in modern English usage would be called ‘God.’” Douglas Stuart