Sermon Quotes: "The Ambush"

“Although it is often assumed that Moses raises his hands in prayer, prior references in Exodus suggest that the raised staff is the medium through which the power of God flows. While this might have involved prayer, something more than prayer was taking place.” T. Desmond Alexander

“This verse does not teach the efficacy of prayer without ceasing but rather the triumph of God in battle protecting His people.” Douglas Stuart

“It would seem most likely that Moses held up the staff to indicate that victory was achieved not by the innate ability and strength of the Israelite fighters, but by the Lord’s empowering them.” T. Desmond Alexander

“Moses never said to the children of Israel while they were in Egypt, ‘Go, fight with Pharaoh.’ Not at all; it is God’s work to bring us out of Egypt and make us his people, but when we are delivered from bondage, although it is God’s work to help us, we must be active in our cause. Now that we are alive from the dead we must wrestle with principalities and powers and spiritual wickedness if we are to overcome.” Charles Spurgeon

“He that would understand the nature of true holiness must know that the Christian is ‘a man of war.’ If we would be holy, we must fight…A true Christian is one who has not only peace of conscience, but war within. He may be known by his warfare as well as by his peace.” J.C. Ryle

“We all need help-that’s simply part of being human. We need help for our souls, especially when we are going through hardships. We were not designed to go through hard things alone…We are all helpers-this too is part of being human. We were meant to walk side by side, an interdependent body of weak people.” Ed Welch

“But it’s not easy to ask for help. We spend a lot of time hiding our neediness because we are afraid of what people will think. Speaking personally, on most days I am happy to give help and reluctant to ask for it. For me, being needy is a sign of weakness, and, given a choice, I prefer to appear strong or at least competent.” Ed Welch

“How encouraging the thought of the Redeemer’s unceasing intercession is for us. Little do we know of what we owe to our Savior’s prayers. When we reach the hilltops of heaven, and look back upon all the ways in which the Lord our God has led us, how we shall praise Him who, before the eternal throne, undid the mischief which Satan was doing upon earth. How we shall thank Him because He never held His peace, but day and night pointed to the wounds upon His hands, and carried our names upon His breastplate!” Charles Spurgeon