Sermon Quotes: "The Crossing"

“Far be it from me ever to say a word in disparagement of the holy, happy, heavenly exercise of prayer. But, beloved, there are times when prayer is not enough-when prayer itself is out of season…When we have prayed over a matter to a certain degree, it then becomes sinful to tarry any longer; our plain duty is to carry out desires into action, and having asked God’s guidance, and having received divine power from on high, to go at once to our duty without any longer deliberation or delay.” Charles Spurgeon

“They were still new to good theology. Many of them at this early point understood very little of who the Lord was and what he expected of them. But they had now seen one final, awesome act of deliverance from Egypt, and it prompted their fear and trust.” Douglas Stuart

“At this point some preachers would invite their congregations to identify their own “Red Sea” experiences and trust God to bring them through. However, this misses the point. Israel’s passage through the sea is not primarily intended to teach us what to do when we are in spiritual trouble, any more than it serves as a how-to-lesson on what to do when we come to a large body of water. Rather, it is meant to teach us about coming to God for salvation.” Phil Ryken

“The cross is all Moses and Elijah want to talk about...He summarizes it as a conversation about his ‘departure’ (using the word exodus) and refers to it as something Jesus was to accomplish, or ‘bring to fulfillment.’” Donald Macleod

“In Christ, you and I experience an exodus more miraculous than Israel knew as she walked between walls of water.” Trent Hunter and Stephen Wellum