Sermon Quotes: "The Long Way Home"

“Sometimes a cloud has the primary function of concealing God. But he also appearsin the cloud. Both functions match the character of God. Human beings never master God or know him exhaustively. So the cloud is a reminder of human limits. At the same time, God does draw near and establish communion with mankind. So the cloud represents drawing near. Because ordinary clouds are in the sky, the use of cloud symbolism also reminds us that God’s dwelling is especially in heaven. A cloud symbolizes his coming near to us from heaven.” Vern Poythress

“Quick. What is, by far God’s most frequent command? The usual suspects include “Do not commit adultery,” “Have no other gods before me,” and “Love one another.” The next group includes whatever commands you know you have violated, in which case they only feel as if they appear on every page of Scripture. The actual answer is, “Do not be afraid.” Ed Welch

“I dare say you will think it a very easy thing to stand still, but it is one of the postures which a Christian soldier learns not without years of teaching. I find that marching and quick marching are much easier to God’s warriors than standing still. It is, perhaps, the first thing we learn in the drill of human armies, but is it one of the most difficult to learn under the Captain of our salvation. The apostle seems to hint at this difficulty when he says, ‘Stand fast, and having done all, still stand.’ To stand at ease in the midst of tribulation, shows a veteran spirit, long experience, and much grace.” Charles Spurgeon