Sermon Quotes: "The Pilgrim's Passion"

“The Lord makes his presence known in many places, but where the people of God assemble to worship his presence may be more keenly felt.” Allen Ross
“Rather, they make it a place of springs, which is a classic statement of the faith which dares to dig blessings out of hardships. But God may choose to send rain, which comes through nobody’s enterprise and can bring a whole area to life, for He has more than one way of dealing with our dryness.” Derek Kidner
“On Sunday morning… believers meet as living stones of this temple and love being in God’s presence. This hour is better than the other hundreds of hours in the week. But their calling is to go back to live in the unbelieving world, which operates on a radically different set of principles. They might like to escape that world and live in the bliss of Christian company all the time, like seminary professors, but that is not their vocation. But when they are not sure whether they will know God’s protection or blessing in their actual context, they find strength in looking forward to meeting with God in the company of God’s people again. They therefore commit themselves to walking in the world meanwhile in integrity and trust.” John Goldingay