Sermon Quotes: "Salvation Belongs to the Lord"

“David went up the ascent of the Mount of Olives, weeping as he went, barefoot and with his head covered.” 2 Samuel 15:30

My glory is an expression to ponder: it indicates the honor of serving such a master…certainly the comparative unimportance of earthly esteem, [is] always transient and fickle.” Derek Kidner

“The God-centeredness of his gaze keeps him steady while his enemies try to decide what precise level of scum he is.” Dale Ralph Davis

“God is the only one who sustains you, whether an army is pursuing you or you are at home in your own bed. God sustains every breath you take.” Tim Keller

“An evening psalm for the ordinary believer who can reflect that his troubles are nothing beside David’s.” Derek Kidner

“Every morning we ought to wake up and say to ourselves, ‘There is a vicious, dark, spiritual battle being waged over me today.’ Satan is very busy.” Christopher Ash

“When something is taken from us, our suffering is real and valid. But often, inside, we are disproportionally cast down because the suffering is shaking out of our grasp something that we allowed to become more than just a good thing to us. It had become too important spiritually and emotionally. We looked at it as our honor and glory-the reason we could walk with our head up…In suffering these ‘something elses’ get shaken.” Tim Keller