Sermon Quotes: "The Divisive Person"

“The opponents view it as teaching drawn from the genealogies of the OT but Paul views it as Jewish myths that only produce strife and quarrels about the law… It comprised fables, silly stories, and arguments about words that produced conflicts within the church.” William Mounce

“The immediate evidence of a divisive spirit, in this context, is an unrepentant argumentativeness about peripherals.” Don Carson

“What is at stake is not merely some minor interpretation but the souls of men. The church cannot be healthy if this is allowed to continue…Church discipline has fallen on hard times in our day but the practice is as clearly present in the New Testament (1 Cor. 5:1-13; 2 Thess. 3:6-15; Romans 16:17-18) as it is clearly absent from our churches today. The Reformers listed discipline as one of the marks of a true church, and we cannot expect health in our churches today without it.” Ray Van Neste

“Further efforts would not be a good stewardship of his time and energies and would give the offender an undeserved sense of importance.” Edmond Hiebert