Sermon Quotes: "The Difference Doctrine Makes"

“Sound doctrine is a summary of the Bible’s teaching that is both faithful to the Bible and useful for life.” Bobby Jamieson

“This compressed phrase indicates that two strands are to be interwoven in Titus’ teaching. On the one hand there is ‘the sound doctrine,’ the definite article once again implying that an identifiable body of teaching is in mind. On the other hand, there are ‘the things that fit it,’ namely the ethical duties to which the sound doctrine demands.” John Stott

“One of the ways Satan is seeking to subvert God’s household, and God’s created order, is by blurring gender lines, in terms of both identity and role.” Andreas Kostenberger

“Orthodoxy (correct belief) is never sufficient apart from orthopraxy (correct actions) and orthopathy (correct affections) but always has as one of it goals the transformation of lives into the increasing likeness of Jesus Christ.” Andreas Kostenberger

“We never move on from the Gospel, we move on in the Gospel.” J.I. Packer