Sermon Quotes: "The Deadly Danger of False Teaching"

“They are plunging those influenced into spiritual turmoil by overturning their previous convictions.” Andreas Kostenberger

“The implication of this verse is that these teachers had been requiring observance of rules concerning ritual purity, probably restricting the eating of some foods (1 Tim. 4:3-5); the basis for such views is not stated, but Paul’s response and the Jewish character of the opponents would suggest a link to Jewish practices.” George Knight

“The problem is not external, one of defilement through food, but internal-‘defiled minds’…They are so precisely because they do not believe, that is, they do not put their trust in Christ. The one who seeks purity by obedience to regulations that is, human commandments, turns out not to be one of God’s people at all, but among the unbelieving.” Gordon Fee

“One of the most important things any pastor or elder will do for you is something you may never notice. It is not visiting hospitals, successful leading a church to expand its budget, or ensuring that his sermons have clear outlines-all of which are good things. It is this: working hard to know Scripture in order to protect you from false teachings, which are useless, of no benefit, dangerous, and divisive in the church.” Mark Dever