Sermon Quotes: "Help to the End for 2018"

“Surely there are not greater qualities of God than these where the people of God are concerned. All God’s thoughts and actions toward us flow from love and persist in faithfulness.” James Boice

“It is possible here that the answer was first and foremost the boldness itself which made David equal to the occasion. It is not always the situation which most needs changing, it is, as often as not, the man involved in it.” Derek Kidner

“In delivering grace, we see God’s glory. Everyone can see the miracle he has wrought for us. And usually our lives are easier as a result. We have what we asked for. And we thank God for it…Sustaining grace also showcases God’s glory. But with sustaining grace, people can see the miracle he has wrought in us. Our lives are easier because our perspective is different. With sustaining grace, we must continually go back to God. This grace is not a one-time thing, just as manna was not a one-time event. We need it every day. And it keeps us dependent on God…So when I am sustained and not delivered, God is inviting me to see the miracle I have received. It is a more precious answer to prayer than I ever realized.” Vaneetha Risner

“To lug into a new year all the baggage of past years would greatly impair our ability to concentrate on what our heavenly Father wants us to do.” Elisabeth Elliot