Sermon Quotes: "Easter in a Pandemic"

4.12.20 featured

“The chapter is one of the most remarkable in the New Testament. For grandeur and simplicity, for pathos and solemnity, nothing was ever written like it.” J.C. Ryle

“Those who Jesus has revealed himself to view themselves first and foremost as loved by him not as those who love him. This is a common feature of those he has loved. They think of themselves as loved by him, not first and foremost as those who imperfectly love him.” Don Carson

“The discipline of delay is one of the hardest lessons we must learn as followers of Jesus, especially when it is God who does the delaying.” ESV Gospel Transformation Study Bible

“Remember this, had any other condition been better for you than the one in which you are, divine love would have put you there.” Charles Spurgeon

“Biological death doesn’t disturb the continuity of the living, personal existence for God’s people in the slightest. Once a person believes in Christ, the life of Christ is poured into the soul of that person, and that life is eternal. Everyone who is in Christ has already begun to experience eternal life. We’re never going to die. We may go through the transition of physical death, but that death cannot destroy the life that Christ has given us.” R.C Sproul

“It shows us him who is able to feel as he is to save. The Maker of all things, entering into human sorrow, and shedding human tears.” J.C. Ryle

“What John tell us in point of fact, is that Jesus approached the grave of Lazarus in a state not of uncontrollable grief but of inexpressible anger.” B.B. Warfield

“The resurrection of Christ is the most joyful event that ever came to pass.” Jonathan Edwards

Sov’reign Ruler of the skies,
Ever gracious, ever wise,
All my times are in thy hand,
All events at thy command

His decree who form’d the earth
Fix’d my first and second birth;
Parents, native place, and time,
All appointed were by him.

He that form’d me in the womb,
He shall guide me to the tomb;
All my times shall ever be
Order’d by his wise decree

Plagues and death around me fly;
Till he bids, I cannot die.
Not a single shaft can hit
Till the love of God sees fit.

John Ryland (1777)