Sermon Quotes | "A Timely Reminder"

“Much of a pastor’s energy will be spent on the ministry of reminder. We never outgrow the ministry of reminder.” John Kitchen

“As good citizens, believers must also ‘be ready to do whatever is good’-prepared and willing to participate in activities that promote the welfare of the community. They must not stand coldly aloof from praiseworthy enterprises of government but show good public spirit, thus proving that Christianity is a constructive force in society.” Edmond Hiebert

“The verb ‘slander’ simply means to ‘speak against’. It is not necessarily a false report, just an ‘against-report.’ The intent is to belittle another. To pour out contempt. To mock. To hurt. To harm. To destroy…in slander the speaker speaks as if he would never do the same thing himself. It acts self-righteous and superior toward one’s obviously idiotic inferiors.” Tim Keller and David Powlison

“Perhaps we don’t value gentleness as highly as God values it.” Jerry Bridges

“A profile in gentleness as it should appear in our lives will first include actively seeking to make others feel at ease in our presence. We should not be so strongly opinionated or dogmatic that others are afraid to express their opinion in our presence. Instead, we should be sensitive to others’ opinions and ideas.” Jerry Bridges

“I pray the Lord to give you a gentle and loving spirit towards all men, and a practical conviction that grace alone has made you to differ.” John Newton