Sermon Quotes | "Look Both Ways"

“These verses are arguably the most concise explanation of gospel-centered living found anywhere in Scripture.” Gospel Transformation Bible

“Verses 11-14 is one sentence in the Greek text with ‘grace’ as its subject. Grace is the one-word summary of God’s saving act in Christ, given freely to sinners who believe.” Bill Mounce

“One cannot truly claim to be a recipient of saving grace without also being a pupil of ‘training grace.’” ESV Study Bible

“We are surrounded by a world that says ‘no’ to nothing…We have a society that holds itself back from nothing…Any concept of a real ‘no’ is avoided as much as possible…Absolutes of any kind, ethical principles, everything must give in to affluence and selfish personal peace. Of course, this environment of not saying ‘no’-fits exactly our natural disposition, because, since the fall of man, we do not want to deny ourselves.” Francis Schaeffer

“'Who gave himself for us’-summarizes that work as voluntary, exhaustive and substitutionary. His giving of himself was the grandest of all gifts.” Edmond Hiebert

“He has made us His own by His work. We don’t make him our own by our works.” Kent Hughes

“This determination to live in the light of Christ’s two comings, to live today in the light of yesterday and tomorrow-this should be an essential part of our daily discipline.” John Stott