Sermon Quotes | "A Healthy Church"

“People often ask me what I think is the secret to Grace Community Church’s development over the past twenty-six years. I always point out first of all, that God sovereignly determines the membership of a church, and numbers alone are no gauge of spiritual success. In the midst of tremendous numerical growth, however, the spiritual vitality of our church has been remarkable. I am convinced God’s blessing has been on us primarily because our people have shown a strong commitment to biblical leadership and biblical ministry.” John MacArthur

“True pastoral work is hard work. The verb Paul uses here (kopiao) normally refers to manual occupations. It means to toil, strive, struggle and to grow weary in doing so. It conjures up pictures of rippling muscles and pouring sweat.” John Stott

“Neither their status nor their title but rather their service among the believers is what separated them for this ministry. True Christian leadership is not show but substance, not self-serving but self-sacrificial.” Gene L. Green