Sermon Quotes: "Who Is Wise?"

“This Christian meekness involves a healthy understanding of our own unworthiness before God and a corresponding humility and lack of pride in our dealings with our fellowmen.” Douglas Moo

“There is a kind of person who is undoubtedly clever, with acute brain and skillful tongue; but his effect, nevertheless, in any committee, in any church, in any group, is to cause trouble and to disturb personal relationships. It is a sobering thing to remember that the wisdom he possesses is devilish rather than divine.” William Barclay

“The jealousy and selfish ambition of this ‘wisdom’ from below… is characterized by ‘extreme and destructive individualism’ that ‘always makes a priority of Number 1 whatever the consequences.’” Craig Blomberg

“The purity that comes from belonging to God is the fount from which other goodness flows.” Dan McCartney

“It will not compromise with sin to maintain peace. But even when fighting against sin, it hungers for peace, yearning to heal all divisions by its wise counsel.” Edmond Heibert

“James’s point is that those who do deeds of peace and promote peace thereby plant seeds and create an environment that eventually yields righteousness, not only for the sower, but also for the whole community to whom peace comes.” Dan McCartney