Sermon Overview & Discussion Questions: "Come and See"

Sermon Overview:

The scenes in John chapter one reveal to us how evangelism works. In each of the six scenes we see that evangelism begins with encountering Jesus as Lord and Savior. The men who encountered Jesus in this passage discovered that he was what the Old Testament had foreshadowed. Excited to find the Messiah, each of the men reacted by going and telling those who weren’t aware of him. This highlighted the importance of having non-Christian friends in our lives and inviting them to come experience what Jesus Christ has done for us, and them!

Discussion Questions:

  1. How has this scripture and sermon challenged your thoughts on evangelism?
  2. The first principle of evangelism is to behold Jesus. How have you observed evangelistic fruit produced from your prioritization of time with Jesus?
  3. William describes evangelism as “simpler and more natural” than you think. Simply speaking, who are the non-Christian friends you are more naturally drawn to who you can be intentional in building relationships with?
  4. Regarding the overflow of the heart in evangelism, Spurgeon stated, “If Jesus is precious to you, you will not be able to keep your good news to yourself.” What holds you back from sharing the “enormity of the claims” regarding Jesus? How do these verses release you from a fear of man when it comes to sharing Christ?
  5. The last principle of evangelism we learned from this passage was to connect people to the one who can change the affections of their hearts. What comfort does this give to you in evangelism?