Sermon Overview& Discussion Questions: "A Masterclass In Evangelism"

Sermon Overview:

In this sermon, CJ drew our attention to the first evangelistic sermon to a truly pagan
audience. The Apostle Paul tailors the message to the ears of the biblically illiterate people of Lystra without giving up the truth of the gospel. Paul starts by finding common ground between himself and his hearers. He meets his audience where they are, in need of knowledge of the true God of creation. Paul points to the true and living God that has sustained them and has shown them his kindness by providing common grace in rain, food, and gladness.

Discussion Questions:

  1. In Christ, we are doing much much better than we deserve. How does the reality of
    God's grace and mercy toward you impact your heart for the gospel and for the lost?
  2. Following Paul's example with the Lystran pagans, CJ challenged us to ask ourselves, "How can I be communicating that I am no different than them?"
  3. CJ brought our attention to Paul getting to know his audience before diving into full-
    fledged gospel conversation. How do you get to know non-Christians? What
    opportunities would you like to take more advantage of in day-to-day life?
  4. Who in our church sets an example of evangelism that encourages and provokes you?
  5. The gospel will always provoke opposition from those that reject it. How does this
    impact your evangelism?