Sermon Overview & Discussion Questions: "The Heartbeat of Mission"

Sermon Overview:

While the church in Antioch was worshiping and fasting, Paul and Barnabas were called by the Holy Spirit, and sent out to proclaim the gospel. Paul and Barnabas went to Cyprus and faithfully preached the word of God throughout the whole island. Even though they encountered opposition, Paul and Barnabas brought the word of God to the leader of Cyprus who was astonished by the gospel and believed. From this passage, we see that God is a God of mission, whose resolute purpose is to seek and save the lost, and that he accomplishes this purpose by his overcoming power.

Discussioin Questions:

  1. In this passage we see that God is a God of mission. How does this passage demonstrate God’s resolute purpose to seek and save the lost?
  2. Jeff pointed out that this story does not begin with half-hearted Christians that are
    distracted by the world. Rather, Paul and Barnabas were called and sent out while the church was devotedly worshiping and fasting. How are you encouraged or perhaps convicted by the example of the church in Antioch?
  3. Even though the Bar-Jesus opposed the proclamation of the gospel, God overcame and brought a path of salvation to the proconsul. How have you seen God’s overcoming power displayed in your life or in the lives of fellow Christians?
  4. At the end of the sermon, Jeff declared that this passage should provoke us to be hungry and passionate for God to be glorified as he makes paths of salvation to our families, friends, and community. How have you been provoked and encouraged by this passage?