Sermon Overview & Discussion Questions: "When Everything Sad Becomes Untrue"



Revelation 22:1-6 is the glorious climax to the book of Revelation. John paints a picture of paradise restored. In this paradise, the people of God from all nations have full access to, and are nourished by, the river and tree of life. Because of the Lamb who was slain, the curse of sin is completely removed, and God’s people are now able to look on the face of God. We will be delighting in, and worshiping Him, forever!



  1. The Bible begins in the Garden of Eden and ends in paradise restored. What are the similarities and differences between the Garden of Eden in Genesis 1-3 and the restored paradise in Revelation 22:1-5?
  2. In Exodus 33:20, Moses was not allowed to see the face of God, but in Revelation 22:4 all of God’s people are able to gaze on His face. What emotions come to mind when you think about what was and what will be?
  3. How does this vision of paradise give you strength, comfort, and hope during the difficulties and suffering that you are currently experiencing in life?
  4. How can the glories of Revelation 22:1-5 affect the way you witness to your family, friends, neighbors, and co-workers?