Sermon Overview & Discussion Questions: "The Divine Exchange Rate"


Jesus draws our attention to something that seems insignificant, the widow’s offering. He points out that her sacrificial giving was more significant than those who give out of abundance. The widow’s gift challenges us to consider whether we have grown too comfortable with our giving to the Father. We should remind ourselves, as we evaluate our giving, that the eyes who are upon us in our giving are of the One who died for us. He watches our giving just as he did the widow, eager to reward!


  1. Whether a new or seasoned member of our church, you have taken part in the pilgrimage to our new facility. C.J. reminds us that this building is a generous gift from God we prayerfully ask will advance the gospel in Louisville. How did this sermon spark a desire for the “adventure of giving”?
  2. Regarding the widow’s offering, James Edwards states, “The value of her offering is negligible . . . but in the divine exchange rate, things look differently”. What lessons can we learn from this passage if we feel our giving seems insignificant?
  3. Our pastors often exhort us to pray when they also ask us to give. What are some specific prayers you have prayed that may encourage others in their pursuit of faithful giving?
  4. How have past sacrificial gifts built fresh faith in your own heart for sacrificial giving?
  5. It is easy to become comfortable with our giving. What does joyful and sacrificial giving look like for you?
  6. The widow didn’t have the foresight or hindsight of the cross to her advantage when considering what to give. How has the gospel affected the way you think about sacrificial giving?