Sermon Overview & Discussion Questions: "P.S."


In this text, we examine Paul’s postscript, which reveals a few things that are important to Paul. Paul first asks for prayer, which is an extension of his work in the proclamation of the Gospel. Paul understands the power of prayer and knows the Thessalonians will deliver on this request. Paul then shifts to reminding the Thessalonians of the importance of greeting one another, creating a community unified through the gospel. He then reminds them that his letter is inspired by God, for their edification, and should be read in community. Lastly, but most importantly, Paul reminds them of the importance of grace, which is portrayed through Jesus Christ and his finished work. 



  1. If you read this passage before this sermon, what were some thoughts you had about the text?
  2. Share any moment that you may remember about being greeted by someone at SGCL. What struck you as uniquely characteristic of the church in that moment
  3. There’s something unique about reading the Word of God in community. Give an example from your own experience when the Lord worked through the reading of his word in your heart (generally or specifically).
  4. Paul ends with reminding us that grace is found in Jesus Christ. Discuss how Jesus’ past, present, and future work shows us what grace is.
  5. C.J. instructed us to petition for wisdom when considering how to pray for our pastors. How else can we pray specifically for our pastors in their work of ministry? Spend some time actually praying through what you come up with.