Sermon Overview & Discussion Questions: "Ordinary Evangelism"

Sermon Overview:

In tandem with the Book of Acts’ historical description of the early church, Colossians 4
provides Paul’s vision for the glorious responsibilities of a newfound Christian community in the city of Colossae. Paul urges the Colossian church to earnestly pursue the discipline of prayer, that God’s unstoppable gospel may continue to break forth, even as Paul serves out his prison sentence for preaching this same gospel. Further, Paul writes that the Colossians ought to live wisely before all non-Christians so that their very conduct may prompt opportunities to speak about Christ’s glorious good news.

Discussion Questions:

  1. What are some methods that the gospel is made known in this passage?
  2. What three descriptions does Paul give in verse 2 for how the Colossians ought to pray? How would you define each of these three descriptors?
  3. In what specific ways did C.J. note we can be praying for SGCL, our current and future church plants, and Sovereign Grace as a whole? In what additional ways, not mentioned in the sermon, could this passage inspire prayer for our church?
  4. In what way does Colossians 4 distinguish between how a preacher or evangelist ought to speak about the gospel and how an everyday Christian ought to testify the gospel? How does this distinction free Christians from feeling overly burdened by their evangelistic efforts?
  5. C.J. talked about how conservations about the gospel ought to always be filled with grace and never antagonistic. Do you tend more towards speaking about the Christian faith with others in an overly argumentative manner, or do you tend more towards failing to present the gospel when conversations with non-Christians naturally prompt such an occasion? How does Colossians 4 help you speak about the gospel in a way that more glorifies the LORD?