Sermon Overview & Discussion Questions: "More Than a Miracle"

6.12.22 fb


As Peter and John return to the temple in the third chapter of Acts, they meet a man who has been lame and begging his whole life. In his destitution, he asks for a financial donation, but instead receives a miracle of God when he is healed and delivered the gospel of Jesus Christ! Peter takes advantage of the crowd’s wonder to inform everyone of the deeper significance of this sign. He confronts and warns the crowds about their responsibility in the death of the Author of Life who has just given this lame man new life. However, God’s merciful desire is not to judge them for condemning their Savior; rather, that they turn to Him in repentance to find new life in the forgiveness of their sins. If there is hope for them, then there is hope for us, so let us each day also say “I did it, my sins sent Him there” and “He did it, His love took Him there.” (CJ quoting John Stott)



  1. Like the lame man, what desires in your life are tempting you away from finding joy and hope in Christ?
  2. How has your life changed by the gift of the gospel?
  3. What signs in the world around us can we take advantage of to point to the deeper spiritual realities going on behind them?
  4. Do your family and friends hear you singing the praises of God’s mercy? If not, what has been keeping your life from echoing with praise to God?
  5. How does Peter’s warning and proclamation of mercy inspire your evangelism?