Sermon Overview & Discussion Questions: "Excel in the Grace of Giving"




Paul points the Corinthians to God’s powerful, enabling grace. This grace motivated the Macedonian church to give freely despite extreme poverty. The Macedonians gave sacrificially because of the costly grace Christ had given them. Paul invites the Corinthians (and us by extension) to follow their example and excel in the grace of giving.



  1. The Macedonians’ poverty overflowed in a “wealth of generosity.” How does their example give you hope when finances are tight?
  2. What do you desire to excel in? How did this sermon help you desire to excel in giving more?
  3. Ben mentioned that his church experienced many spiritual blessings from the Lord as a result of faithful giving. How have you observed God’s blessing as a result of giving to our church?
  4. Regarding our motivation for giving, Scott Hafeman says: “Giving is not a way of showing God how much we can do for him, but a way of illustrating how much God has done for us”. How does this idea help you approach giving with joy instead of guilt or legalism?
  5. What are some connections between giving and evangelism?