Sermon Overview & Discussion Questions: "Bethlehem's Backstory"

Sermon Overview:

In this sermon, Jeff unpacked the cosmic reality of Christ being Lord over all creation. He began by showing that Christ is the pre-existing Son and Lord of all creation. Jesus ranks highest above all creation, having created it all. Second, Christ Jesus is the incarnate Savior, Lord over all redemption. Jesus makes His glory manifest in the context of the church, having redeemed her by the blood of His cross.

Discussion Questions:

  1. The awareness of the Advent season is so prevalent in our culture but is sentimentalized. This unfortunately can be deadly. How have you been prone to move past Jesus to mere sentimentality or get caught up in the spirit of the age?
  2. Verses 15 and 16 bring our attention to Jesus being Lord of all creation, not a member of it. The Son was here before creation and spoke it to be. How does Jesus as the creator of the cosmos challenge the creep toward getting caught up in the Christmas commercialism of our day?
  3. Verse 17 makes us aware that Jesus changes the way we see the entirety of the world. Christ holds together every fiber of the cosmos. How does this change the way in which you view the world?
  4. The elevation of Christ in this text draws in our worship. How does this text fuel the way in which you seek to share the gospel? How does it fuel your heart of evangelism?