Sermon Overview & Discussion Questions: "A Love That Surpasses Knowledge"


Paul wanted the Ephesians to know and feel the love of God, and Josh wanted the same for us. Christ loves his people fully and completely and the Holy Spirit supernaturally applies this love to the hearts of sinners. Josh gave three ways that a believer not merely grows in the knowledge of Christ but also in feeling the love of Christ: (1) meditating on the Gospel, (2) spending time in prayer—asking to know and feel the fullness of Christ, and (3) spending time in gospel-centered community.


  • Paul desires that believers feel the love of Christ. How have you experienced the love of Christ in the past?
  • To feel the love of Christ, believers need to be reminded of the love of Christ. How have you reminded yourself of his love? Reminded others?
  • Josh gave three applications to deepen your love for Christ: meditation, prayer, and community. What does your practice and experience of these look like?
  • To know Christ is not the same as to merely know the doctrine of Christ. What have you employed in the past to help you move beyond merely knowing about Christ?
  • How can feeling the love of Christ help your witness to a Christless world?