Sermon Overview & Discussion Questions: "We Cannot Help But Speak"


Overview of Sermon: 
The Jewish leaders were greatly annoyed when they found Peter and John proclaiming the gospel and teaching the people. They arrested and questioned Peter and John. As this court room drama unfolds, the Jewish leaders oppose Peter and John and try to suppress the spread of the gospel. However, Peter and John respond with Spirit-filled courage and clarity. From this passage we learn that even though sinful humanity will try to stop believers from speaking in the name of Jesus, the gospel is unstoppable! Therefore, do not stop speaking in the name of Jesus.  

Discussion Questions: 

  1. How is the gospel being opposed in our culture today? How have you experienced opposition to the gospel?
  2. What can we learn from Peter and John’s response to the opposition from Jewish leaders? 
  3. How have you seen the unstoppable nature of the gospel in your life and in our church? 
  4. Where do you need to speak with courage and clarity in the name of Jesus this week?