Sermon Overview & Discussion Questions: "The Cornerstone"

6.5.22 email

Through this passage we see the unveiling of Jesus’ identity exposes every heart. First, we see the leaders of Israel question Jesus' authority only to have Jesus reveal their hearts as ones who fear man rather than God. Jesus then tells a parable in which he condemns the leaders for rebelling against God's authority and persecuting God's prophets and killing God's son. Jesus ends by pointing to the sovereignty of God in the sending of his son to die and become the cornerstone of the church. When presented with Jesus identity, all people will either accept Jesus’ authority as the son of God or reject him as the leaders of Israel did.       


  1. The leaders of Israel were more concerned about public opinion than Jesus’ authority. In what ways have the opinion of others swayed you and when have you stood on Jesus’ authority despite the cost in public opinion?
  2. How does knowing that Jesus came to earth to die change the way you understand his (and the Father's) authority and care?
  3. Since Jesus is the cornerstone, how do we make sure we are building upon that cornerstone and not building on something else?
  4. Understanding that Jesus has all authority over heaven and earth and is the cornerstone on which the church is built, how does that fuel our drive for evangelism and global missions?